Uluwatu Orca Caught!

A lone orca has been making a splash at Uluwatu lately, with several sightings being reported on social media over the past few weeks. Yesterday Uluwatu locals came into contact with the friendly beast and invited him up to Single Fin for some Bintangs.

Bali Belly caught up with Dave the Orca to learn more about his visit to Bali.


So Dave, your visit to Uluwatu generated a lot of buzz. What brings you to Bali?

We were off the coast of Sri Lanka when some drunkard captain throttled into our pod. I swam in front of our calf just in time and the prop clipped me. I thought man I need a place to lay up for a bit, and I remembered this sea turtle named Iggy I used to buy hash from told me about Bali- choice waves and cheap beer- so I figured I’d float south and check it out.

How are you spending your time healing up?

Man, these squid boats run every night and I’m swimming circles around them. It’s like a buffet seriously I love the local food. And the boys up north demanded a surf report so I’ve been doing some recon.

How’s the surf in Bali compare to your home break?

It’s killer but man, there’s so much trash. Uluwatu is pretty clean so I like to surf there a lot. Word in the water is someone is taking care of the place. The locals seem apprehensive though, you’d think I was a shark or something.


We saw the Blackfish documentary, do Orcas really attack people?

There’s no telling what we’ll do in captivity. I can assure you I’m not homicidal. Unless I come across that boat captain.

Have you made any friends here?

The party scene is insane yeah. I hung with this pack of manatees the other day at Jimbaran Bay. They were passing this puffer fish around getting stoned. They call it huffer fish. I started hallucinating and drooling, they had a good laugh watching me swim in circles.

Who’s the real Free Willy?


Nah man that guy’s such a kook. Sure they set him free, he was back in the pool the next day right at feeding time, hamming it up in front of the cameras. He knows he’d get his ass kicked out here in the open sea. Best he stays in Hollywood. I mean I don’t mind the occasional Animal Planet appearance, but I’m nobody’s pet.

Do you miss your pod?

Of course man, but they’re headed to Australia next month so I’ll just meet them on the way. This summer was pumping so I’m getting my strength back and I’ll be ready to rejoin the ranks and raise the pup.

Tough to leave Bali though isn’t it?

Yeah for sure. The way things are going I’ll probably renew my visa in Oz and bring the whole gang back here to Bali for Christmas. I hear the wet season is crazy so we’ll be trolling the far side of the island for new breaks. My boy Lorca said he’d show us some heavy spots up the coast.