This Saturday: DMOTE at The Slow

Shannon Peel, better known in the art world as DMOTE, is set to bring his well-respected graffiti talents to The Slow‘s Room 13 Gallery this Saturday the 7th of April. Join us there from 7pm for some art, music and a drink or three.

Saturday night in Bali @the.slow ✌🏼🌊

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One of the most influential graffiti artists of our time, DMOTE’s work has graced the pages of Warp Japan, Rolling Stone, Dazed and Confused, Monster Children, and i-D magazine, as well as on the walls of Stick ‘em Up London and countless Australian art galleries. Having immersed himself in the art scene of New York, and expanded into work of design, illustration and curation, his skills stream well above the streets.

DMOTE started painting in Sydney in 1985 at the tender age of 15, and has since marked countless subways, streets and galleries with his work the world over. Though he has dabbled in the realms of printmaking, screenprinting, photography and life drawing, he always returns to the work of graffiti, remaining active and influential as a street writer and artist.


In the few decades that have passed since finding his passion for graffiti, DMOTE has worked for a diverse client collection including MTV, Reebok, and Absolut Vodka, for which he bridges the gap between his roots in street paintings and a culturally sensitive approach to commercial work.


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