Surfer/Shaper Ryan Burch Crafts New Collection


Volcom is proud to announce the release of a unique apparel collection from San Diego surfer, board shaper, and all-around crafty human, Ryan Burch.

Featuring original artwork from Ryan, this limited-edition capsule represents yet another outlet for his homegrown creativity. If you don’t know Ryan, know this: he’s a sought after shaper who merges the craftsmanship and know-how of the past with a progressive vision of the future. A Volcom team rider for 15 years, he’s also an artfully adept goofy-footer with a style all his own.

Check films like Volcom’s Psychic Migrations & True To This for reference. There are colorful, hand-drawn eyeballs throughout the collection, Ryan explains why: “I put eyes on all the boards I make because it represents the way I learned how to shape. It’s all by eye and the best way to see a design is to use your eyes!” His aim was to “Make something fun. The patterns are crazy—I wanted it to be a combination of my style and classic Volcom style. As
for his favorite piece, “The boardshorts are classic, I love those!”

We think you will, too.

The Ryan Burch Experiment collection will be available at Volcom retailers and surf shops on April 2018. We have a limited offering in Indonesia which includes two graphic tees and two 19”Stoney board shorts made with hemp fiber fabric.