RMBL “Skate, Booze & Rock n Roll” at Amplitude

Words / Photos: Piki

Last night I dropped into RMBL‘s “Skate, Booze & Rock n Roll” event at Amplitude and it was off the hook! As the name implies it was a celebration of skateboarding, alcohol consumption, and rock music – the three things I love most in life. Besides women, of course.

Organizers were asking for 25k to get through the door, but I saved on the entry fee because I had a skateboard. That’s right, free entry with a skateboard. “Rad, more money for beer”, I thought. But then beer turned out to be free too! Fuck yeah San Mig!

The place was pumping. Beginning in the afternoon, hundreds of guys and girls (all in black t-shirts) arrived at the heart of the skateboarding scene in Kerobokan/Canggu. There was a skate jam, DJs, custom bikes exhibitions, mural exhibitions, live painting, and of course, music.

Bali’s best bands of various musical genres performed; from rock, hip-hop, punk, hardcore, metal, to rockabilly, and were able to transform the Amplitude pump track into an ocean of men (and women) all going mad drenched in sweat.

Cheers to everyone who made this party happen… and happy birthday to our fearless leader, Jerinx!