Single Fin or The Edge?

It’s sunset time at Uluwatu. Where are you headed, Single Fin or The Edge?

Asked at the Uluwatu parking lot, Sunday, February 19.

“I’m going to both tonight. I like the view at sunset better from The Edge because you get to peek around the corner, and I like the more mellow vibe. It’s more of a locals / expats vibe, fewer tourists. And I like Single Fin for the Superman smoothie. You gotta try it.”

Dana and Mariah. On the hunt for Superman. (smoothies)

“Single Fin. It’s nice at sunset time, and then a little bit later at 10 o’clock the live music starts and it goes off!”

“Single Fin for the beautiful view, and because we’re friends with Tai.”

Helena and Lianne with some legend who works at the bar

“Single Fin because we heard they have a mean reggae band playing tonight.”

Chris and co.

“I’m not drinking tonight, so I’m not going to The Edge or Single Fin. I’m just going to enjoy the sunset at Uluwatu from that bench down there. Then I will go home and sleep.”

Dimi. Just here for the sunset

“I’ll probably be going up to Single Fin in an hour or two to socialize with friends and listen to some live music at sunset. And right now I’m at The Edge… also socializing with friends and enjoying the sunset. Either way, you can’t really go wrong.”

Murray and ladies

“The Edge, because this is where dreams come true!”

Taras and The Edge crew, making dreams come true.

“First to The Edge to relax and have a couple beers with my friends, and later go up to Single Fin for one more drink and a little dancing. But I can’t stay out too late because I have to be at work tomorrow morning at 7.” … (She was spotted getting loose on the Single Fin dance floor well past midnight)

Lucinda, a few hours before getting loose on the DF.

The girls and I watched the sunset from The Edge. There were lots of Aussies in there, so that was good. And it was just like Lady Gaga says, “The Edge of Glory.”

Sue and crew

Miguel and Begonia
“We came here on vacation from Chile. We found Single Fin when we were coming back from surfing at Uluwatu. It’s a really nice spot – the vibe, the lights, the little candles on the tables, a welcoming atmosphere. It’s perfect for a romantic vacation.”

Miguel and Begonia. On romantic vacation.

Charles and Leslie
“We’re not sure yet. My wife and I are here on business but tonight we’re visiting our friend who lives in Uluwatu. I haven’t been here in 26 years so it’s really lovely to see it again. It’s changed a helluva lot. There certainly weren’t any bars out here serving sunset cocktails back then. If you were lucky, maybe you could find a warung selling a bit of arak or some warm San Miguel beers.”

Charles and Leslie, mixing business with pleasure.