Keramas: A Surfer's Guide

By Chris Binns

A high performance right on the “wrong” side of the island, Keramas has gone from underground spot to global sensation in a short decade-or-so.

The Waves

After making the long haul to the east coast there are three waves you’ll consider surfing at the end of Jalan Pantai Keramas. To the left of the carpark and smack bang in front of Komune Resort is the surfing world’s hi-fi darling, Keramas itself. Although it is known as a performance wave it is mightily powerful and often crazily crowded with unbelievable surfers, so unless you’re on top of your game you might want to try some of the other options nearby. If you’re feeling it, you might luck into some of the best waves of your life. On high tide and smaller days you can jump into the keyhole and be out the back in seconds, but be very careful of urchins (and the merciless heckling of the pool crowd) should you time your run wrong. Easier access is gained by crossing the river and paddling wide off the beach, but again, watch the ocean and make sure you don’t dive headfirst into one of the massive sets that can often closeout the channel.

In front of the carpark is the amazingly named … Carparks! A wave that often looks better than it is Carparks redeems itself thanks to lower crowd numbers and the fact Taj Burrow once acid dropped out of a helicopter into the murky east coast soup here. To the south is KFCs, an okay righthander that can handle some size and has less of a crowd again thanks to the coupla hundred metre walk down the blistering black sand.

The Scene

Komune Resort boasts five-star accommodation in front of a world-class wave – hard to beat really. The restaurant offers great food served with a smile, and sitting in the pool with a Bintang after a dream session while watching the waves continue to fire is truly one of life’s luxuries. Keen to stay? Check out the Health Hub, guests-only pool, skatebowl and many more new facilities as the Resort continues to grow from strength to strength.

If you’re keen to keep things low key go and hang out with the Ida Boys in the warung for a more traditional Indonesian surf experience. Leave your gear safely, scoff down a nasi goreng post-shred, and buy a photo of yourself in action to remember your trip by.

Keramas Webcam

Streaming LIVE from Komune at Keramas, Gianyar, Bali.
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Surf Shops

Komune has an outlet that sells surf essentials like suncream, wax and legropes and the warung has a small collection of supplies too, but generally it’s best to head to the east coast prepared. If you’re getting up early to do the mission, make sure your quiver is sorted and you’re good to go the night before. Prior preparation prevents poor performance and all that jazz.

Food & Drinks

You can eat a delicious breakfast, lunch and dinner at Komune or the warung, or if you feel like a beer somewhere different you can always wander next door to the Keramas Surf Camp for a cheap Bintang looking out over the rice paddies. Sanur is 20 minutes away and has all sorts of options if you want to mix things up more still.

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