Hurley BL’s Bali Blast Off presented by The Perfect Wave

Barton interacting with a young competitor at Blast Off. – Photo Dunbar C/O Blast Off.

After 13 successful years in Australia, Barton Lynch and Hurley have teamed up with The Perfect Wave to take BL’s Blast Off to the Bukit Peninsula in Bali this April 15-19, 2019.

BL’s Blast Off is a unique surfing event for girls and boys aged 14 and under. The focus is on development and coaching within a surfing competition format. It is held annually on Sydney’s Northern Beaches in the September school holidays and has become Australia’s biggest and most popular family surf festival, attracting 350 young girls and boys and their families annually.

1988 World Surfing Champion Barton Lynch developed the coaching format for the event to help support and encourage young surfers as well as providing them top-level coaching and insights that they might never experience otherwise.


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Barton said, “One of the most important aspects of Blast Off is we do not refer to the groms as competitors. Our format allows for every single kid to surf three times throughout the four days, with the final day being the only real competitive part of the event. After each heat, the kids and parents receive a post heat coaching debrief from the Hurley Surf club. “

“The festival vibe of the week is what has made it so successful. The energy you feel from not just the kids, but the siblings and parents is like nothing I’ve experienced at any other event.”

“We are at capacity each year in Australia, so taking Blast Off to Bali was a natural next step. My association with The Perfect Wave is all about surfing perfect waves in Indonesia and The Maldives on their charter boats and resorts, so I figured why not give the groms a similar opportunity too. What a great environment for young Balinese surfers and young traveling Aussies and international groms to be in the water at Bingin with our coaches, judges, and staff in cahoots with Bingin Boardriders and local legends helping them progress their surfing on such a quality reef break.”

Entries into The Hurley BL’s Bali Blast Off presented by The Perfect Wave are now open 👉 HERE 👈

There is a Balinese local discount code “BALILOCAL” that is only for Indonesian nationals (not expats or tourists). Please respect this and proof of identity will be required.

The event conveniently coincides with the Easter school holidays.

Beautiful Bingin looking like the ultimate venue progression for BL’s Bali Blast Off. – Photo Potts C/O The Perfect Wave.

Bingin is the perfect venue. A world class left reef break that is often grom friendly in the 2-4ft range a couple hours either side of high tide.

In its inaugural year Barton said, “I want to keep the number of competitors to an absolute max of 100, so that local and international surfers aren’t locked out of a primo wave for too long and also so the entrants can learn as much as possible in the short event window.”

S-Resorts Bali in the heart of the Bukit Peninsula is the event Headquarters where entrants and their families are encouraged to stay. Event draws, Blast Off Idol, Bells on the big screen with BL’s commentary, presentation night and other key social gatherings will be conducted at S Resort. Imagine holidaying in an intimate luxury resort, hanging out with BL and the Blast Off Community and surfing each day amongst the perfect, long and hollow line ups.

The Perfect Wave has combined with S-Resorts Bali to offer exclusive packages to Blast Off competitors and their families. Enjoy a program of exclusive activities each evening combined with transport to the event each day and stylish, quality accommodation. The Perfect Wave also offers packages at Bali’s best properties from the luxury of Six Senses Uluwatu to the eco-style of the Suarga Padang Padang.

“It will be the beginning of the Indo surf season and a great time of year to hold an event in Bali. For most of the kids Bingin will be the best wave they have ever surfed, and they’ll get to do it with just a couple of other kids out – what a dream.”

BL’s Blast Off Bali will run the same coaching format as the Sydney event, however, with just 100 spots up for grabs, including the incentive of a local discount code for Balinese nationals to ensure locals can take part, there’s no doubt it will book out quick.

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