Get Tickets to Ocean Alley’s Secret Bali Gigs Here!

Triple J’s Hottest 100, 2019 Winners – Ocean Alley from Australia are playing 3 x gigs in Bali in the coming weeks. The first gig in late April is a big concert with up to 1,200 people expected out at The Gu.

The other two gigs are going to be unique, underground, stripped back, chilled style shows.
Whilst in Bali, the band are staying at S Resort out on the infamous Bukit Peninsula.

After an extremely busy year on the road, the lads are resting, surfing and hanging out with 50 or so friends and fans at the resort in a special week hosted by The Perfect Wave.

Tex Perkins and Murray P playing S Resort last year. The tables will be removed to make way for a dance floor at Ocean Alley’s gigs on May 2 and 4.

It is a super special week called, “Surf Music In Paradise” whereby friends and fans get to hang out, chillax, interact, enjoy the gigs and maybe even go surf with the band.

Local presenter of SMIP week, have been given exclusive inside running to release a maximum of 100 tix per night to the special sunset gigs in the beautiful gardens at S Resort on Thursday, May 2 and Saturday, May 4.

We are talking about the opportunity of a lifetime to get up close and personal at 2 x extremely intimate, private party/backyard bbq style gigs with 100 or 150 max other like-minded fans.

Ocean Alley chilled as always. These super special sunset shows at S Resort on May 2 and 4 are not to be missed.

The chilled feel-good vibe “Surf Music In Paradise” sets out to create goes hand-in-hand with the appeal of Ocean Alley as a band.

Ocean Alley are a bunch of Mona Vale kids who jammed together, hit the beach, went surfing, fishing, getting out on the yacht with some drinks and soaking up a tan without a care in the world.

Phil Jamieson from Grinspoon playing S Resort last year seconds after diving in the pool, the nutter.

The Bar will be open at S Resort all afternoon and well into the night on show days. There won’t be any lengthy lines as numbers are restricted to ensure these are two very special gigs with plenty of fun, dance vibes for the special crew on hand to enjoy.

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