Dedi Gun, The Most Stylish Surfer On Land And Sea

Words: Leo Maxam /

The inside of his wetsuit smells like cologne. Every time he goes for a surf, dolphins appear. He once got barreled on a wave for approximately 63 seconds – while wearing a tuxedo. Swells time their arrival around his schedule. His hair alone has experienced more than a lesser man’s entire body. He is… “The Most Stylish Surfer On Land And Sea.”

While the previous statements perhaps fall within the realm of myth, the following is cold hard fact: Dedi Gun was voted “Surfer With The Hottest Style On Land And Sea” at the 8th Annual Surftime Awards last weekend. The 23-year-old from Lakey Peak has been oozing with style ever since he showed up in Bali 11 years ago. Since then his legend has only grown, along with his impressive mop of rockstar locks. So what does it take to be the most stylish surfer in Indo? asked the man himself.

You were just voted “Surfer With The Hottest Style On Land And Sea.” What does that mean?

Man, I don’t even know. I just do what feels good. I had just come back from my first trip to the Mentawais when I found out I was nominated. We got to the hotel in Padang and started checking Facebook and stuff, and I saw an email that said, “Congratulations, you’ve been selected as one of the five finalists for the Best Style Award.” The four other finalists – Marlon (Gerber), Lee (Wilson), Tai (Graham) and Made Lana – all have their own different style. They are all characters. I love each guy’s style.

How would you describe your style?

It’s hard to say – just different. My hair is a mix – half afro, half punk. It’s always all messy, I never comb my hair. When I walk around town, or go to the Rip Curl office, everybody asks me, “When was the last time you combed your hair? When was the last time you washed your hair?” I just smile and say I wash my hair once a week.

Sometimes when I go surfing I wear jeans and a long-sleeved button-up. One time I went surfing in Medewi in tight girls jeans, with a button-up shirt and a cowboy hat. The people on the beach loved it. When I came back to Medewi the next year, the locals gave me a handmade surfboard made from all wood, even a wood fin. They gave it to me to try because they said it was perfect with my style. I just try to be my own self. No rules. Nobody can stop me.

Do you take a lot of shit for your style?

That’s a good question. I don’t really give a f–k what people say. I just do my own thing. Whatever they say, I just smile and laugh. This is me. This is my style. I’m not trying to copy everybody else. When I used to go to school in Nusa Dua, all my friends used to comb their hair the same way. I used to get in trouble at school because I would never comb my hair. My teachers used to punish me by combing my hair in front of the entire class. A few times they even cut my hair in front of like 300 students. But I still didn’t comb it. I just left it the way they cut it.

Sometimes I like to wear tight girls jeans, sometimes purple, sometimes red and pink. Like, really tight. One time I was wearing those purple girls jeans and I went to the Rip Curl office and they all laughed at me. They said, “Don’t wear that shit! We don’t give you budget so you can pick out girls clothes.” But the way they said it, they were laughing, so I can tell they kinda liked it. Sometimes I think they really like this style, but they’re too scared to try it. I guarantee you it’s true. I wear my jeans to Padma, to Canggu, and people say, “Oh that’s cool, sick color.” A lot of people say they like it. Some people like it, some people don’t. That’s cool. It’s personal style.

Where does style come from?

I think it comes from your soul. It’s you. You decide yourself.

What is good style?

As long as you believe in it, and you create it. Feel it, love it, rock it!

What is bad style?

When you don’t believe in yourself. When you’re just copying what everyone else does, trying to be like someone else when it isn’t you. When you’re not comfortable with it. Every guy in Indonesia right now wants his hair like the guy in ST 12 (Indonesian pop group). I hate his hair. It’s f- ing boring style. Why copy his style? Be different.

Who is the most stylish surfer in Bali in your opinion?

Made Lana. Everything about him: his backside surfing at Uluwatu, after surfing just hanging with all his friends, with a big smile and a beer in his right hand. I think everyone should try to be like Lana.

Where do the most stylish people hang out in Bali?

Bali is like New York, Paris, L.A., Tokyo. We have all different kinds of style here: high fashion, punk, rock, skate, preppy, surf, emo, homo style. Any style, you can find it somewhere in Bali.

What is the most stylish position when making love to a woman?

(Lots of laughing). Next question.

Is it hard to surf in a long-sleeve button-up?

Nah, I’m used to it, no big deal. But I wouldn’t wear it out when it’s like 8-foot and bombing. One time I had a heavy wipeout on a big day and my shirt got wrapped around my head and I couldn’t move my arms to swim up. That was a bad idea.

What is your position on scarves, particularly men wearing scarves in Bali?

It’s pretty gay. It’s too hot in Bali for that shit. It’s not f–ing cold here. I think those guys are looking at too many fashion magazines and think they are in New York or London or something. It’s really stupid. Ask anyone and I guarantee you they will agree with me. I’m gonna ask someone right now (calls over to girls in the living room). Hey, Amanda. Do you think scarves on guys in Bali look good? (Amanda and friend consult each other, then give their response). See, I just asked the girls and they say no way.

What was the most stylish part of this year’s Surf Time Awards?

Well, I got my first-ever Surftime award, so of course I’m stoked about that. Going up on stage in front of everybody was wild. I didn’t even hear them call my name. Someone told me, “Dedi, they just called your name. Get up there and get your award.” I just had a big smile the whole time on the stage. Thank you to my fans, and everyone who voted.

Dedi Gun is a most stylish name. Is “Gun” your real last name?

So many people ask me that, because I use my family name on Facebook – “Satriadin” – and nobody knows me by that name. My good friend Timmy Turner gave me the name Dedi Gun. When he first started coming to Lakey, he would always call me “Dedi Gonzalez, Dedi Gonzalez. What’s up Dedi Gonzalez?” Like Speedy Gonzalez, the cartoon mouse from Mexico. And from there, everyone just started calling me Dedi Gun for short.

Finally, the question the world is dying to know: When was the last time Dedi Gun washed his hair?

Once a week, sometimes once in ten days. I like my hair messy. My hair goes everywhere – left, right, up, down. One time I went to the mall wearing boxers and a t-shirt with my crazy hair – it was even longer then. I walked into the mall in my boxers and acted like I was sleepwalking, and everyone was looking, like, “Oh my god, who is this alien?” People were taking photos. It was fun.

But the ladies love the hair?

Yeah! The ladies love the hair. Well, some of them, not all of them. They’re always touching my hair, telling me, (Dedi speaks in feminine voice) “I like your hair.” And I say, “I’m used to that, thank you.”