Blu Cobalto

“This trip came together after seeing all of these purple and black blobs pop up in the Indian Ocean and swell was headed our way. I was working 9-5 Monday to Friday in Bali, so we squeezed in a few sessions at some novelty slabs that could handle the swell. But that didn’t quite scratch the itch… The last swell lined up perfect for me to only take a day or two off work (thanks Chilli), I called Alessio and he was down to join. We had some buddies there already who said it was going to be good… and turned out to be pretty fun.” – Dylan Hayllar

Surfer: Dylan Hayllar
Motion Picture by: Alessio Saraifoger
Water cinematography: Jimmy Jazz
Music credit: Radiohead – Daydreaming & Q Lazzarus – Goodbye Horses
Dylan thanks: Alessio, Jimmy, Rhythm & Chilli Surfboards