Bali Adaptive Pro to Host World’s Best Disabled Surfers

The world’s most elite disabled professional surfing athletes will take to the waves in Canggu for the inaugural Bali Adaptive Pro on September 1-3, 2019. 

Professional athletes from more than 10 countries including Australia, Indonesia, USA, Brazil, UK, Israel, Argentina, and the Czech Republic will participate in a variety of divisions including paraplegic, limb loss, and visually impaired heats.

Event organizers Jade ‘Red’ Wheatley (Australian representative) and Milo Brzàk (Czech Republic representative) are both professional adaptive surfers.

“We really want to put on a world-class event that showcases the highest level of the sport,” said Jade. “Our goal is to inspire the next generation of adaptive youth surfers to perform and push their own limits.”

“Adaptive surfing as a competitive sport – and now global network – has provided a much-needed platform for impaired athletes. Competing at a high level increases integral mobility, strength, health, fitness and cognitive skills. What these people have been able to achieve personally and sporting-wise despite numerous challenges is nothing short of remarkable.”

Jade and Milo met at the World Adaptive Surfing Championships in 2015 and have since been travels buddies when they attend events. They’ve traveled to Indonesia together to tackle monster swells, creating a great relationship along the way.

Jade was 19 when a job site accident changed the course of his life. He was driving heavy machinery when an embankment collapsed, pinning his legs. After the accident, his legs needed to be amputated. Surfing became his mental and physical therapy. The father of two has now made it his mission to spread the word about adaptive surfing.

Milo, the event’s co-creator, was born with an impairment to his right arm that virtually renders it nonfunctional, but he pushes the limits and surfs in some solid, challenging conditions.

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