A Pristine Bali in 2020? Revolv Can Help

Change the world, not your day.

Imagine a time, in a few years or ten, when the beaches of Bali are clean again. Instead of plastic bags, takeaway containers, drink bottles, and even diapers, the sand is expansive and littered only with seaweed, shells, and the occasional bit of sea-glass. We no longer paddle through waste to get to the surf, but jump right into the ocean no matter the season, feeling refreshed and stoked.

Revolv provides a network of reusable takeaway products- a coffee cup, food box and coffee tumbler, on a deposit system. This allows you to keep doing you- grab a coffee on the way to the beach or get delivery while working on a video project, without contributing to the plague of single-use waste. Change the world, not your day.

At any Revolv partner location in Canggu or Berawa, ask for a Revolv product when you order takeaway food or drink, or for your leftover food, and pay a 50k deposit for a food box, or 100k deposit for the smoothie cup or coffee tumbler. When you’re finished, return the product to any Revolv partner location to get your deposit back- easy and free to use! They’re not only better-looking, but they’re a magnet for the best kind of people. And remember, don’t go home with someone if they use single-use plastics!

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Operational in Hong Kong, Singapore, and soon the US, Revolv was born out of a desire for a solution amidst a growing global emergency with single-use plastics. The state of the rivers, beaches, and oceans are in immediate crisis, and Revolv feels deep ties to these special places, and helps provide an easy solution and build a conscious community around reusing. Revolv is fueled by the optimistic belief that the world was ready for change and ready for action.

Cheaper than the available biodegradables for restaurants, Revolv is aiming big, to better serve you, Bali, and the rest of the planet. If you’re a restaurant who is tired of contributing to trash on this beautiful island, please contact sales at velina@revolv.io, and if you no longer want to be just a consumer but become a conscious reuser, follow @revolv.io on Instagram.