365 Days of Surfing

Bali Belly Bookshelf – Part 2.
Words: Tucker



TASCHEN’s 365 Day-by-Day Surfing
Hardcover, 736 pages. Published by Taschen (April, 2014)

Fan of vintage surf art? Surf history buff? Well make room on your shelf for TASCHEN’s 365 Day-by-Day Surfing, composed by Jim Heimann. Read a page each day and let your mind wander, or submit to temptation and burn through the whole thing in just a few hours! 365 captures the nostalgia of timeless trim, clean lines, hand drawn posters, and film slides. This time machine spans from the days of redwood heavyweights to cliff-diving the peak at Sunset, and features pithy quotes from surfing’s greatest granddaddys. What era would you travel back in time to surf? Which decade had the hottest babes waltzing past uncrowded Backdoor? We’ll let you decide.

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